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As an industry renowned for its scientific accuracy and data-driven creativity, quantitative finance offers the tools to augment decision-making for all investors, especially with the dawning of the era of Artificial Intelligence.

QA is a investment consultancy working along side investment teams to fostering a culture of data-driven curiosity and logical reasoning, and offering these to improve decision making across a wide range of investors and investment problems.

The Curious Quant

Listen to world leading practitioners and academics discuss the application of quantitative sciences to investment problems.

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How I work with Investment Teams

I help investment teams improve the quality of their decision making using data and models.

Investment Teams and Decision Making with Data

Reasoning Through Data and Analytics

I work with investment teams to help them better utilise financial data for decision making.

I focus primarily on decisions around asset allocation, through the use of quantitative factor models to size and position complex portfolios.

Quantitative Research to support decision making

Deeper Understanding

I work with research teams to provide independent, technical peer review of your research models and help you generate new ideas and better models.

We help you understand and quantify model bias, including ethical considerations, and integrate these considerations in your modeling.

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Please Email: mike at quriousanalytics dot com

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