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Statistical models, like machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), require enormous co-ordination of skill, effort, and training across multiple layers of the organisation, from data analytics, to research, to sales and executives, to the board and governance functions. 

The combination of technical expertise and effective communication skills required to weave across multiple organisation layers is rare, and its absence creates gaps in expectations and understanding.  

Our purpose is to breach these gaps by creating research, education and mentoring for both technical and non-technical audiences to improve the adoption of AI models as decision makers or as partners to human judgement.  

Our mission is therefore to help you lay the statistical and human intellectual groundwork required for instill trust and a pragmatic expectation of the value of these tools through better, more human intuitive communication.


We help both the technical teams through peer review, model improvement, and narrative training to improve conviction. We help the non-technical teams through scientific education and pragmatic advice to foster more effective adoption.

Ultimately, we want to help people better understand the awesome power of AI models to improve their understanding of the world. 

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Customised Research Projects, Technical Executive Education and Ongoing Mentoring


Path to Research

We work with analytics teams to uplift technical capabilities, turning them to research. We help you design and implement research projects, white papers and thought leadership to improve visibility and showcase your analytics.

We can design mentoring courses for projects, or on a regular long-term basis to meet the ongoing training needs of your team. 

We help your project teams design intuitive visualisations to bring your analytics to life and noticed in the organisation. 


Deeper Understanding

We provide confidential, independent, technical peer review of your research models and help you generate new ideas and products.

We help you understand and quantify model bias, including ethical considerations, and integrate these considerations in your modeling.

We provide mentoring for key members of the research team to help them shape and narrow their research agenda and focus to achieve the sharpest results. 

We offer research services tailored to specific problems, with a deep academic research underpinning. 


Turning Models to Conviction

We help you formulate sharp, intuitive and exciting messages, turning statistical data and analysis into human conviction.

We mentor sales teams on how to pitching and communicate difficult technical points to clients.

We work with senior stakeholders on planning where to best deploy data science resources within an organisation, and the kinds of problems best approaches through AI and machine learning. 


Oversight and Trust

We provide independent advice and education for non-technical board directors on the strengths and weaknesses of statistical (AI) models.

We provide thought leadership and independent model validation and oversight, including model bias and robustness. 

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Please Email: mike at quriousanalytics dot com

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